Roundup: Best books of 2018 (so far) and some upcoming greats to keep your eye on

Hello dear book-lovers world: It has been so long since I’ve been on here! The last few months have been extremely full on the home-front, with my PHD defence, daughter starting daycare and things being very very busy at work. I had all these plans to do a “best of 2017” and a “what to […]

November’s Book Spotlight: The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne

I am sitting in Aroma sobbing my eyes out having just finished this book. Everyone is looking at me like I’m a complete psycho. I want to shout to the crowded cafe that I am not, in fact, a crazy person with a tenuous hold on her emotions, I just read a truly wonderful book. […]

I am passionately obsessed with JK Rowling (aka Robert Galbraith) (aka wonder woman) (aka master troller)

Just give me some Veritaserum and I’ll admit that I am passionately obsessed with JK Rowling. First of all: to all the parents out there, if you want your child to get into reading, get them into Harry Potter. Harry Potter is the single greatest book series around, and it ages with your kids as they […]