I am passionately obsessed with JK Rowling (aka Robert Galbraith) (aka wonder woman) (aka master troller)

Just give me some Veritaserum and I’ll admit that I am passionately obsessed with JK Rowling.

First of all: to all the parents out there, if you want your child to get into reading, get them into Harry Potter. Harry Potter is the single greatest book series around, and it ages with your kids as they age which is the real beauty of it. It turns from a childish book that’s a lot of fun into an account of the rise and fall of a dictator. And every year now, they’re releasing an illustrated version which makes it even better for the kiddos. Prisoner of Azkaban comes out in October 2017!

As a teacher, it’s fascinating to see the different teaching styles of the wonderful and horrible educators Hogwarts has to offer, and as a lover of magic there’s nothing Harry Potter can do wrong.

It is celebrating twenty years as of now, which is both insane and it makes me feel really old. I was one of the lucky ones who grew up with Harry Potter, and waited the two years between each book for the next one to come out. I was there at midnight for books 5-7, and I tortured my sister once in an extremely effective manner by effectively live tweeting the entire book 4 when we were in the car (except, you know, without a smart phone or twitter because I was like 12). Yah, I was a real bitch. In honour of its 20 year anniversary, I needed to write a post sharing my love for this woman and everything she has brought to the literary world.

But, for those of you who have yet to discover JK Rowling’s other incarnations (aside from her expertise as long-time troller of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump) you need to immediately go check out the Robert Galbraith series. 2F2C6B5200000578-3351175-image-a-7_1449589167610

Cormoran Strike, her protagonist, is a one-legged private eye with a head full of pubic-like hair, which is all around a weird visual. Either way, despite the fact that he sounds like the weirdest looking man, Cormoran Strike is a great detective with a fascinating backstory and a girl Friday named Robin. (How appropriate).

The three books of the series, Cuckoo’s Calling, the Silkworm, and Career of Evil are all better than the next. Lethal White, book four, comes out in October – thank the lord, because JK Rowling (feature of my obsessions) was HORRIBLE and delayed the book for a year.

The only real issue with it is that the third book leaves it a bit open-ended which is NOT FAIR. Especially when book 4 takes two years to come out. That is seriously George RR Martin levels of douchebaggery.

Despite her being horrible in that respect, Book 4 comes out in October (GET PUMPED!!!!!!) and although there is no more Harry Potter left to come, it remains the best selling (and best ever) book series of all time. For a reason. Skip the movies, they’re the worst, and go buy the originals.


Happy reading! xo

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