Amazing mysteries that are not Gone Girl or Girl on the Train

Okay so everyone knows about Gone Girl and the Girl on the Train. Yawn.

Liked them but want something different? And perhaps even better? (Yup, that’s right, I said better. I didn’t particularly love either – they were just okay)

  1. The Widow – Fiona Barton. Will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what her role was and what she knew. download-3
  2. What she Knew – Gilly MacMillan. How appropriate as the second book here. I kept leaving my passover seder this year to go secretly read this in our bedroom. Yah. That happened. I think the entire table thought I was having stomach problems. Anyway, book about a child abduction. It will keep you from doing just about anything else, trust me. download-4
  3. Thirteen reasons why – Jay Asher. Yes, this has gotten a lot of press, but it’s a great book regardless. ThirteenReasonsWhy
  4. With Malice – Eileen Cook – psychological thriller that was very satisfying. If you’re interested both in the YA variety and in mysteries, this one is a great one to pick up. download-5
  5. Good as Gone, Amy Gentry – another about a child abduction (I guess I have a theme right now) and a child who returns after 20 years. But the parents aren’t 100% sure she’s actually their daughter. So if she isn’t, why has she returned?51r-+GWWHmL

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